Leonardo Theatre

Feb 22/ Mars 17, 2017


Cast : Stefano Chiodaroli ( Michela), Rossanna Carretto ( Beatrice), Jessica Polsky (Mary)
Director : Vittorio Borsari
Translation & adaptation : Alessandra Scotti
Partner : WEC Spa

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Our first run had left us with the feeling that the Milanese audience was ready to continue with us the Clan adventure, and here we are, ready to start again in a couple of weeks . This time we have made the choice of letting more freedom to our local partner, they had the script rewritten and chose a local director. Hopefully the people will laugh even more.

To be followed !

San Babila Theatre

Dec 2014/ January 2015


Cast : Stefano Chiodaroli ( Monica), Lucia Vasini ( Carolina), Jessica Polsky (Mary)
Director Hazis Vardar assisted by Silvia Rigon
Translation & adaptation : Marianna Cappi
Partner : ALL Entertainment Spa

Full press review

Milano was our first experiment in exporting « Le Clan ». We had to learn everything : how should we work with our local partners ? which instructions should we give them ? which margin of freedom could we allow them ? which information should we provide ?

The play has been localised in Milano, Brigitte and Stéphanie had no problem switching to Monica and Carolina while Mary remained American. For this first experience we wanted to keep as much as possible the grounds of the Parisian play.

The anecdote : the San Babila Theatre is owned by the Catholic Church, and the two managers were scared to death when guessing how the Ecclesiastical hierarchy might judge the play; it happened that the “Monsignore” laughed a lot, and found that the play was delivering after all a christian message of love and altruism!